Musicians' Dystonia is defined as a focal dystonia that presents itself during musical performance.

Specific types of dystonia exist in guitar players, pianists, clarinet players, fluteplayers,violinists,        drummers, etc.

Dr. Farias' training in musicians has proven to be highly succesful. The method allows you to unlock your movements to discover your own way to use your abilities most creatively and efficiently.

The intervention included a biomechanical analysis of performance as a baseline. Regarding the deficits and natural movements of the musicians' bodies, specific exercises utilizing movements and mental imaginery were created for individual patients.

Those exercises induced neuroplastic change that allowed gradual motor control recovery.

Following our training protocol, it is possible to obtain greater improvements in coordination in a shorter period of time.


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“For two and a half years now I have suffered debilitating problems in my

right shoulder, arm and hand. After seeking treatment from various sources

and trying numerous therapies I was still unsuccessful in my efforts to

alleviate my troubles.

 Eventually I found out about Dr. Farias and his unique method of working with people with focal dystonia and other repetitive motion disorders.

It has been a little over a month since my sessions with him and already I can do things that have been almost impossible for over a year.

Although I still have more work to do I am optimistic for the first time in a long time that I am on the road to recovery.

He brings a special set of skills to the process in that he understands the neurological basis of these problems as well as being a professional musician.

There is no other person to my knowledge that can bring this much knowledge to the table to help instrumentalists.

 I recommend working with him to anyone with these sorts of issues or to anyone who simply wants to avoid them in the first place.”

David Peck

Principal Clarinet

Houston Symphony Orchestra


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